Cardinals’ New Assistant Hitting Coach Bill Mueller on The Press Box

Brendan Marks, Wed, 19 Nov 2014 19:16:00 GMT

St. Louis native Bill Mueller was hired as the new assistant hitting coach of the Cardinals last week to replace David Bell, who took over as the team’s bench coach.

Mueller, who played at De Smet High School and Missouri State, joined The Press Box on Wednesday to discuss his new position and returning to his hometown.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview. You can listen to the whole thing below:

What’s it going to be like working in your hometown? It’ll be the same. It’s kind of like riding a bike. Things don’t change much when you get back home. At least I’ll know the area. I think living in St. Louis, it’s always been a wonderful place to live. It’ll be really easy.

What’s your approach to coaching hitters?
I’m definitely going to be apart of [John Mabry’s] program and the Cardinal way and being apart of that. I’m just trying to add some experience and add some personal things as far as being able to sustain an 11-year career and working in player development with the Dodgers for seven years and then having some time with the Cubs…just having a whole life of baseball and just trying to add to John and the Cardinal organization.

Are you and Mabry compatible?
Absolutely, the one thing about why I stepped away from the Cubs was talking to the organization, how important that relationship aspect was for me for the happiness, for the enjoyment, for the peace of mind and speaking one language as far as having the same principles. Having two or three guys in the cage, you can easily get divided if you’re not with each other and have a really good sound relationship. Having known [Mabry] for as long as I have, I know who he is and he knows who I am. There were other [organizations] …that I could have been a part of…again I search for the right relationships. That’s what excites me.

Listen to the whole conversation here:

Bill Mueller on The Press Box