Cardinals’ Lynn talks Tommy John recovery, 2016 season, possible roster changes

Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Tuesday to discuss his recovery from Tommy John surgery, the Cardinals’ 2016 struggles and the team’s upcoming offseason.

Read some excerpts and listen to the interview below:

What are you up to right now?

“I’m in St. Louis at the time. I’ll be in Florida this weekend and in Oxford Halloween weekend to watch the Rebels take on Auburn.”

Which Cardinals players do you think need to show more personality?

“I think next year we’ll be able to get a little bit more out of Mike Leake. He’s quite funny. A couple of the relievers are sneaky funny, but they like to keep to themselves and act like they’re not around. We need to get them out there as well.”

Have you been watching the MLB Playoffs?

“There’s some good pitching going on right now, so that’s always fun to watch.”

Do you root against the Cubs like many Cardinals fans are?

“For me, I do not (have an emotional pull). If you look at either one of these teams (we played both of them tight this year). I don’t care who wins (this series as long as one of them gets eliminated in the next round). I just want to see some good baseball.”

Do you think you’ll be ready for Spring Training?

“I’m right on a time frame where I think I’m going to be 100 percent, my normal self, maybe even better since I have a ligament that works. More rest and I’ll do some stuff this winter and build back up my strength again. I’m looking forward to it.”

Where do you think the Cardinals went wrong where they couldn’t make the playoffs:

“It seemed like nothing ever synced up this year. We would score runs and it didn’t seem like we pitched well that day. We would get good pitching and then not score any runs. I think every starting pitcher would say they didn’t pitch (as good as they should have or wanted to).”

Can you sense when a team “has it” or doesn’t?

“I would say…with the people we have in the clubhouse…there was always a sense we’re about to make that ‘push.’ I don’t think there was a feeling that we don’t have it. We have a really good team (but we couldn’t get the job then). We have the guys that if we would’ve gotten in, we could’ve made some noise too (because of their ability to put things together in high pressure situations).”

More on what went wrong for the Cardinals in 2016:

“There were a lot of guys who didn’t have the years they would’ve liked. We have a lot of guys coming back next year…that they want to show because they weren’t happy with the way some things went this year. I’m excited to see guys show what they’re capable of. It’s going to be an exciting team moving forward.”

Are you expecting the Cardinals to make a bunch of changes in the offseason?

“I guess every offseason you’re expecting change. You don’t really know what’s going to happen. You’re expecting some change. We’re going to lose some guys, you don’t know who it’s going to be yet via free agency. But we have a lot of guys who are going to be back next year that can really play the game.”