Cam Janssen on TMA – “Tarasenko has the deadliest shot I’ve seen since Hull”

Former St. Louis Blues enforcer and current host of The Line Change, Cam Janssen, came on The Morning After Monday to discuss his yacht vacation and the Blues hot run.

Read some quotes and listen to the complete interview below:

Why are the Blues playing so well right now? 

“Our superstars are playing well, that’s it. Our big boys are stepping up to the plate. Vladimir Tarasenko has the deadliest shot I’ve ever seen since Brett Hull. He’s finally figuring out that he doesn’t need that extra step. Normal players don’t shoot from those bad areas, but Tarasenko does, and he scores.”

Janssen went on to discuss the play of Jaden Schwartz and how he’s helped make Tarasenko better.

“Jaden Schwartz, although he doesn’t score, is making everyone else on the ice a better player. He’s winning battles and setting up the plays.”

Listen to the full interview below starting at the 5:50 mark.

TMA Segment 3: Cam Janssen, Nitwittery, Email of the Day — March 13, 2017