Cam Janssen inducted into St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame

Former Blues enforcer and co-host of The Line Change, Cam Janssen, was inducted into the St. Louis Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame Tuesday night during the Blues game.

Janssen is one of seven members inducted into the Amateur Hockey Hall of Fame and one of 15 members inducted in the player category.


“From coming out of nowhere in Eureka Missouri and just going through the grind of things just like a lot of these guys are going through now to make it in the NHL. My parents believed in me, I had a vision, and we did it. I stayed in there for a long time,” Janssen said.

Pat Maroon is also a Missouri native and forward for the Edmonton Oilers. Maroon played alongside Janssen in their youth days for a number of years.

“He paved the way for everyone in St. Louis hockey. He learned how to make it the hard way. He fought his way in, he crawled his way in,” Maroon said. “He’s one of my idols. I use to train with him and skate with him, I really look up to him.”

Even though he was a forward, Janssen was known for being a fighter, making him a fan favorite, amassing 714 penalty minutes in his 336 games in St. Louis.