Cam Janssen discusses new 590 The Fan show, Blues’ continued struggles

Former St. Louis Blue Cam Janssen joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Monday to talk about his new show on 590 The Fan and discuss the Blues’ continued struggles following the team’s 8-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets over the weekend.

Listen to the interview and read a few excerpts below:

Are you excited for your new show with T.J. Moe, Eric Messersmith, Hanna Yates and Matt Whitener?

“I can go in there and speak my mind. I’m a social butterfly. T.J. is the complete opposite of me, he’s a good, wholesome person. We’re going to have some fun together for sure.”

On the Blues’ struggles following its 8-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets:

“It hasn’t looked that great so far. They certainly haven’t gelled. I think the fans have a little concern now. They’re not in synch right now. I don’t know if they’re missing somebody on the bench, a sort of cheerleader. They need some sort of spark (like a Ryan Reaves playing more minutes). But he needs to play more physical. They need a physical presence. They got a lot of things they need to do. They need to regroup. This is a big home stretch coming up for them.”

On the Blues’ lack of physical presence:

“The defense on the opposing teams aren’t worried about anybody. Ryan Reaves needs to fill that void. Other teams are not worried about getting hit by anybody on the Blues right now. The games are too easy on opposing teams right now. The Blues don’t have a style. If you’re playing soft, that means you’re not trying hard in my opinion. They¬† need to regroup.”