Blues President Zimmerman talks Scottrade Center upgrades on “Game Time AM”

Blues President and CEO of Business Operations Chris Zimmerman called into Game Time AM and discussed the Scottrade Center upgrades and the team’s financial state.

In particular, Zimmerman talked about how he thinks the upgrades will keep the building competitive for the next two decades.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full discussion below:

How would you describe the process of getting the upgrades approved?

“It was a challenging process. One of the things I’ve come to learn over the last two years as I’ve worked on this…our team, our building and everything else that goes on in St. Louis and the region, they’re all connected. Any type of project like this is really about how does an area look at the places it’s going to invest and how to use scarce resources. It’s not an easy thing for a city to make commitments to these types of projects.”

How much inspiration is drawn from other new NHL venues?

“A lot. I’ve been up to Edmonton, I’ve been to Vegas, I haven’t been to Quebec City yet. We get out to a bunch of the new buildings. We constantly talk about the new buildings. Whether it’s on the food side, the general fan amenities and infrastructure, a lot of our work is done by going out and talking to other teams and arena management groups.”