Blue Jays analyst Dirk Hayhurst talks Brett Cecil signing, believes Cardinals “overpaid”

Former Blue Jays pitcher turned TSN analyst Dirk Hayhurst joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Tuesday to discuss the signing of reliever Brett Cecil and his creation of The Garfoose.

Read some excerpts

What’s a Garfoose?

“My wife and I have a business where we work with children and adults with special needs. It’s a half-giraffe, half-moose, it’s a big cuddly giraffe-moose….gold fur and purple spots. He’s become a mascot for our operation here. I look and pitched like a giraffe-moose, so it fits me perfect.”

What’re your thoughts on Brett Cecil?

“I played with Brett…we came up through the system. He used to be a little chubby at the time. Then you find out…this guy can pitch. He’s not exactly the best looking guy out there…but he can pitch. He’s a pure baseball personality. He’s living and dying in the game. On the field…he’s a left-hander that over the past couple seasons, he’s been one of the best lefties in baseball. He’s got a phenomenal ERA against lefties…but he’s also effective against righties. You’re going to get a quality left-handed guy who can fill some rules in the bullpen. He’s flown under the radar.”

On the Cardinals “overpaying” him:

“That said, the Cardinals absolutely overpaid for him. But saying that…it’s not saying the Cardinals made a bad deal. If you go into the real estate market (and really want a house…you’re going to have to pay more to get it because there are so many potential suitors). The Cardinals were wise to move early while there were still other names out there and nobody was putting down big and hard cash yet. The market value for relievers who do what Brett Cecil does is going to go up. So atleast in the short-term…the Cardinals didn’t overpay in that respect.”