Brian Hoffman


John Hadley stops by and the texters respond

Taking another look at college football recruiting and previewing tonights game between the Cardinals and the Rockies

The status of Le'Veon Bell and a discussion on medicinal marijuana

TJ has noticed a recent trend in Mizzou recruiting that is yielding results

Michael Phelps has released a statement regarding his disappointment of the Phelps v Shark race, Messsersmith and Rocchio talk some racing smack

Could the emergence of Harrison Bader lead to even more outfield issues for the Cardinals in regards to playing time?

Wrapping up the program with some texts

Producer Brian Hoffman is back from Hawaii and he has big news

Kyle Turley joins the show to discuss the recent study regarding the pervasiveness of CTE in NFL players and what the league isn't doing...

Derrick Goold join the show to discuss the trade chatter that he is hearing