Author Mark Will-Weber talks Presidents and their alcohol

Mark Will-Weber, author of Drinking with Republicans and Drinking with Democrats and an overall Presidential drinking expert, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Wednesday to talk about what drinks certain presidents liked, who imbibed the most in office and who frequently partied in the White House.

Read a couple excerpts and listen to the whole interview below:

What do the current Presidential candidates (Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) drink?

“Trump doesn’t drink, so that’s bad for my book because I’d like to keep it updated. He doesn’t drink but you might remember Trump Vodka…which is now in the recycling bin. Hilary likes…she’ll do a beer and a shot now and then.”

Which presidents were the biggest drunks?

“The biggest drunk by far – he died of cirrhosis of the liver – was Franklin Pierce. The guy supposedly…when he wasn’t asked to run for his party for a second term, he said the only thing to do for ex-presidents is get drunk. James Buchanan could drink a lot and not show it. He could drink enormous amounts…and still appear sober. U.S. Grant and Nixon were lightweights. They would only have a couple drinks and appear tipsy.”

Here’s the complete segment: