An Interview With Our Lady of The Week: Christy Mack

Tim McKernan, Thu, 29 Mar 2012 06:00:00 GMT

An Interview With Our Lady of The Week: Christy Mack

Since went online in 2005, we’ve had The Lady of The Week in the From The Desk of Tim McKernan section.

Most of the time, it’s usually some random actress/musician either me or JBoyd happen to see on television, and I send him a picture and say, Here’s our Lady of The Week.

99% of the time, anyone who is familiar with music or acting—whether it be acting in Hollywood or the San Fernando Valley—is familiar with our Lady of The Week.

Therefore, rarely do I have the situation I’ve had this week, which is a bunch of questions asking me, Who the hell is that girl who is your Lady of The Week?

The answer is Christy Mack, a model and brand new adult film actress.

If Christy Mack were a stock, I’d be buying.

Outside of,, and, I don’t visit many websites.

However, my penpal told me about, and so last week, as I was browsing, I saw Christy Mack for the first time. She didn’t have many pictures up, but as I showed the patriots next to me pictures, everyone asked the same question I mentioned that I’ve been asked over and over again as of late, Who the hell is that girl?

Listen, I’ll make it real simple for you:

-The girl is uniquely beautiful, whether it be in stag films or in mainstream modeling. I know she may not meet the St. Louis version of beautiful with bleach blonde hair and a fuck bump, but in my opinion and the opinion of the creeps who’ve been asking me about her, she’s stunning, and there’s something about her.

-If I had to wager, this girl is going to be a star in adult. I fancy myself the Peter Gammons of stag films. I find the diamonds in the rough. Does it lead to any form of return on investment? Absolutely not. Is it startlingly creepy? You better believe it.

But, my responsibilities as CEO of insideSTL Enterprises, LLC, at least according to our Operating Agreement, is to find up and coming porn stars, email them 25 questions, hope they reply, and then post them on the website.

Line up the aircraft carrier. Mission: accomplished.

1. Where are you from? Where do you live?
-I am originally from South Chicago Heights, but I now reside in Indianapolis, IN, after trying a short stent in LA

2. What are your measurements?

3.. You started out as a mainstream model…and now you’re working as an adult model and actress. How did the transition take place?
-I am still a mainstream model, and actually started working as an adult actress just months after I turned 18. It was a personal choice and it just felt right.

4. What were your emotions like when you were going to shoot your first hardcore scene?
-I was nervous, as all amateurs are, and a little intimidated. But all feelings of uneasiness went away as soon as I started shooting. It was quite a rush really!

5. You’ve worked with both men and women. What do you like about men? What do you like about women?
-I love both men and women. I think the women are easier to work with. Sometimes men have performance anxiety, or are just off one day. Women can usually pull through and act super into it.

6. Would you say you’re bisexual or just work with women on screen as part of the job?
-I am definitely bisexual. I prefer men over women, but when you find a woman that you just have a connection with, or she’s just so hot that you have to fuck her- it’s on.

7. Being from the Midwest, everyone has their judgmental friends and/or family. What’s the reaction back home to your work in adult entertainment?
-My mom couldn’t give two fucks less. Everyone else is on the fence about it, or takes total offense to it. Who doesn’t have sex, or think about filming it? Some people just aren’t as comfortable with their body and sexuality as I am, and I respect that.

8. In interviews, you’ve expressed interest/experience in fetishism. In particular, you’ve said you like to play the role of the dominant partner. What forms does that take on in the bedroom and/or during scenes?
-I am what is considered a “switch” which means I go both ways. I can be super dominant, or super submissive. It really just depends on my partner, my mood, or my scene.

9. We have a segment on our show called Foot Fetish Friday. Some people love it. Some people hate it. You have said that you enjoy it.
-I personally don’t have really any fetishes, but a lot of men seem to have this fetish, and I am more than happy to provide it!

10. Anything you’d consider a fetish whatsoever?

11. What is the hottest scene you’ve done so far?
-I just shot a scene yesterday for I had real chemistry with my costar, and I think that will definitely play through on camera!

12. If there’s one mainstream actor you could be with, who would it be?
-Obvious answer, Johnny Depp. My choice would be someone super funny like Jonah Hill.

13. If there’s one mainstream actress you could be with, who would it be?
-Sofia Vergara. Best. Body. Ever.

14. If there’s one adult actor you can’t wait to work with, who would it be?
-I would fuck most of them, and hopefully will! Blowjobs for allll!!!!

15. If there’s one adult actress you can’t wait to work with, who would it be?
-I would love to work with any and all of the other hot tattooed ladies!

16. Your popularity online is growing at a fast pace.. When you see the interest in you…whether it be on Twitter or BangBros….and how it’s growing so quickly, what do you think?
-Being #2 on BangBros, #3 in most popular porn stars on spring 2012, I’m very excited to be representing a new sort of porn star to hit the market. The classic girl next door with an extreme badass edge.

17. With the popularity comes more interest from people in the adult world. Do you have an interest in being a contract girl or becoming the next big star in adult?
Of course I do! I would love to be a contract girl for someone eventually. But I’m not going to jump on the first contract offered.

18. What’s the best part about being an adult actress?
-Sex, sex sex, moneys, sex, bitches, sex.

19. What’s the worst part about being an adult actress?
-Douches, enemas, waxing, tanning, plucking, blah blah blah

20. Have you been to St. Louis, and if so, what have you done here?
-I have been, but not since my junior year of high school.

21. Creepiest request you’ve received?
-Every creepy comment you could possibly think of… I’ve received it.

22. Hottest experience you’ve had?
-It’s hard to single out just one! But if you keep up with me on Twitter(@ChristyMack) I’ll be sure to let you know about every single one of therm!!!

23. Have you had anal in your personal life? If so, do you like it?
-I have never done anal in my personal life, and only twice in movies! It’s not painful, but very uncomfortable for me.

24. Have you had anal on camera? I saw one interview where you said you hadn’t, but you were about to. If you’ve done it, how was that experience?
-I just had my first anal scene with Brazzers last month for an unnamed site, followed by another scene with Bang Bros for Mr. Anal.

25. What would you say to one of our readers—male or female—who’d want to go out with you? What do you want them to have? And, what would you want them to do?
-Who would want to go out with me? Give them my number, and we will discuss this matter further đŸ˜‰

There you go.

I think that’s brilliant journalism.

And, in two years—or less, when Christy Mack is the next Teagan Presley, remember where you heard from her first.

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