Alderman Jack Coatar discusses latest on MLS stadium, Scottrade Center upgrades

St. Louis 7th-Ward Alderman, Jack Coatar, joined The Press Box on Tuesday to discuss the downtown soccer stadium project, the chances of getting an MLS expansion team and the proposed Scottrade Center renovation plans.

Read a few excerpts and listen to the full interview below (starts at the 7:55 mark):

Where does the soccer stadium project stand right now?

“Yesterday, (the full Board of Aldermen) perfected the board bill to take the vote for soccer to a vote of the people in the city of St. Louis. Given the number of votes we had yesterfday, I anticipate that bill will place. Tomorrow…we’re going to be having a public hearing on the proposed financing plan…and are all welcome to voice their support or opposition I suppose. We still have to take a vote on the financing agreement…which I expect to pass.”

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What do you think of the proposed Scottrade Center upgrade plan, which has been rejected out of committee twice already?

“You’re got a building that generates a lot of revenue for the city. If we do nothing, the revenues from that building are going to decline. If we make these improvements, that facility will generate even more revenue, it’ll help pay for its improvements and provide (entertainment events) for years to come.”