We Are Live!: Full Show LIVE from The Watering Bowl

We open the show with the real important story out there…Beyonce is pregnant with twins. Travis calms down enough to mention the firing of Ken Hitchcock from the Blues after last night’s loss and the tough first half of the season, Puppy Bowl announcer and referee Dan Schachner joins the show at the bottom of the hour to talk about the festivities this weekend, how he got the gig, what production of the Puppy Bowl is like, his extra ideas for the presentation and so much more

Carlie is done with the show after Jaime brings by Nicole (check out Facebook for pictures) and gives us some info on Gateway Pet Guardians, former Mizzou TE Josh Barbo joins the show to talk about his experience in the college recruiting system as the top-ranked player out of Kansas and his thoughts on the job Odom is doing

An incredible remote show keeps rolling as the Pope of the Southside, Andy Hannigan joins the show to picks a winner in his pick-up line contest, which then leads to a listeners competition for today’s edition of Fair…or Foul and, like usual, the listeners disappoint–but, like, in a fun way…